Accepted Papers

    1Li Wei, 2Li Gengyin, North China Electric Power University, Changping District, Beijing 102206, China

    This paper introduced the traditional two-level and multi-level converter at first, and given a rough introduction to several commonly used multi-level modulation. Then we described in detail mmc topology and operating principle, and established the relevant equivalent mathematical model of the mmc. In order to make mmc-hvdc more stably connected to the grid, and effectively inhibit its bridge armbands flow, we propose an improved control strategy. First we real-time monitored the up and down arm current and the capacitor voltage of sub-module; then by calculating obtained circulation restraining component and sub-module capacitor voltage balancing component; superimposed the two into bbv modulated wave, thus effectively suppressed the secondary loop components arm, but also reduced the switching losses of the system. Finally, we set up a simulation model mmc-hvdc system. Simulation results show that the bridge armbands stream is effectively suppressed, and dc link voltage is kept constant.

  • Clean Energy for Cooling and Heating with Ground Source Heat Pumps
    1Abdeen Mustafa Omer ,Energy Research Institute (ERI), Nottingham, UK

    In the recent attempts to stimulate alternative energy sources for heating and cooling of buildings, emphasise has been put on utilisation of the ambient energy from ground source heat pump systems (GSHPs) and other renewable energy sources. Exploitation of renewable energy sources and particularly ground heat in buildings can significantly contribute towards reducing dependency on fossil fuels. Energy Research Institute (ERI), between July 2014 and November 2015. This paper highlights the potential energy saving that could be achieved through use of ground energy source. It is concluded that the direct expansion of GSHP are extendable to more comprehensive applications combined with the ground heat exchanger in foundation piles and the seasonal thermal energy storage from solar thermal collectors. This study highlights the energy problem and the possible saving that can be achieved through the use of the GSHP systems. This article discusses the principle of the ground source energy, varieties of GSHPs, and various developments.

  • Factory bus First power temporary measures in AP1000 nuclear power plant
    1Liu Dahu, 2Liu Yunhe, 1Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, MEP Beijing 100082 2Shan Dong University, Shandong Jinan 250000

    By relying on the two AP1000 sites of Sanmen nuclear power plant and Haiyang nuclear power plant and comparing the similarities and differences between the first power-receiving work of the busbars at the two sites and the first power-receiving with other nuclear power plant busbars, The interim measures required for receiving power from busbar detail the various interim measures required by power bus and its technical requirements, and pointed out the common problems and suggestions in practice in order to provide a follow-up AP1000 nuclear power plant with a Can learnfrom the kinds of ideas.