4th International Conference on Data Mining and Applications (DMA 2018)

February 24~25, 2018, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

  • A Review on Web Service Searching Approaches
    Sushmitha N, Department of ISE, RVCE, Bangalore, India
    Selection of the desired Web service has become one of the main research areas as Web services are prevalent nowadays. Many approaches have been proposed in this area for improving the retrieval quality of desired Web service. This paper discusses about three novel approaches that would aid users discover and select Web service candidates more effectively. The first approach is a QoS based discovery mechanism [1] based on input and output operations and QoS requirement of the client. This is because current search engines are keyword based which does not provide the right client service. The second approach is a QoS-Aware search engine [2] that rates the Web services publicly available not alone by their functional similarities, but also by their non functional QoS characteristics. The next approach is a quality-aware Web service search engine [3] that enriches Web service information by capturing information from related web pages since information in UDDI repositories has limitations. It rates the services first depending on their functional similarities and then the objective (QoS) and subjective (reputation) quality constraints are refined and re-ranked.