5th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CoSIT 2018)

February 24~25, 2018, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

  • Reliability Of Mechanical System Of Systems
    El Hami Abdelkhalakl1 and ITMI Mhamed2
    1LMN-INSA Rouen Normandie , Normandy University , ST Etienne du Rouvray FRANCE
    2LITIS-INSA Rouen Normandie , Normandy University , ST Etienne du Rouvray FRANCE
    In this paper, we present a new methodology about reliability of systems of systems. We present also an example which combines the information transformation in complex systems and virtual design of this system based on finite element analysis. This example is help to balance the performances and the costs in complex system, or provide the optimal solution in manufacturing design. It can also update the existing design of component by changing the new design of this component.
  • Distributed System Approach To Experiment Regional Competitiveness
    Mhamed Itmi1and Abdelkhalak El Hami2
    1LMN-INSA Rouen Normandie , Normandy University , ST Etienne du Rouvray FRANCE
    2LITIS-INSA Rouen Normandie , Normandy University , ST Etienne du Rouvray FRANCE
    In term of computational complexity, P-class (abbreviated as P) problems are polynomial-time solvable by deterministic Turing machine while NP complete (abbreviated as NPC) problems are polynomial-time solvable by nondeterministic Turing machine. P and NPC problems are regularly treated in different classes. Determining whether or not it is possible to solve NPC problems quickly, is one of the principal unsolved problems in computer science today. In this paper, a new perspective is provided: both problems and NPC problems have the duality feature in terms of computational complexity of a symptotic efficiency of algorithms.
    Larbi GUEZOULI1and Roumaissa HACHANI2, Sara HERRI2,

    1LaSTIC Laboratory, University of Batna 2, Batna, Algeria. 2Computer science department,University of Batna 2, Batna, Algeria


    In this paper we present how to insert a watermark in the magnitude coefficients of the discrete Fourier transform of an image. In our case, the watermark is not an information, but it is a geometric shape inserted in the magnitude matrix. We evaluated the robustness of the proposed method using a dataset of 8460 different images. We used detection rate to evaluate the robustness of proposed approach against several attacks and we compared it to known approaches in literature by using recall/precision metric.

  • Investigation Of Coverage Time And The Impact Of Hello Packet In Open Shortest Path First Network
    Ahmed B Salem Salamh
    Department of Computer, Zawia University, Zawia, Libya

    In today's world the internet is growing up dramatically and become the major facilities to reach our resources and to communicate with other people, this increase the desired to speed up the connection of the internet which depend on different subjective, one of them delay that related to the internet components, such as a router and its elements. In this paper, we present total coverage time and how to analysis the OSPF network by using hello protocol , which is the main objective to reduce the time that is taken by hello packet in point to point network.

  • Strategy Of The Remove And Easy TBT In GCC 6 Countries
    Yong-Jae Kim
    Department of Business Administration, Korea Polytechnic University

    The last technical barriers to trade(TBT) between countries are Non-Tariff Barriers(NTBs), meaning all trade barriers are possible other than Tariff Barriers. And the most typical examples are (TBT), which refer to measure Technical Regulation, Standards, Procedure for Conformity Assessment, Test & Certification etc. Therefore, in order to eliminate TBT, WTO has made all membership countries automatically enter into an agreement on TBT. In this study, the elimination strategy of TBT with aid of technical regulations or standards is excluded, and only the conformity assessment shall be considered as the strategic measure of eliminating TBT in GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council) 6 countries. The measure for every membership country to accord with the international standards corresponding to their technical regulations and standards, is only to present TBT related Specific Trade Concern(STC) to WTO. However, each of countries retains its own conformity assessment area, and measures to settle such differences are various as well. Therefore, it is likely required an appropriate level of harmonization in them to carry forward this scheme. KTC(Korea Testing Certification) written MRA with GCC test & certification company in 2015 years. So Korea exporting company can export to GCC goods with attached test & certification documents in Korea. To conclude, it is suggest MRA for the remove and reduce TBT to increse export and import among countries.